Parabole consists of a suite of capabilities required to perform advanced analysis in near real time.

Parabole accelerates Knowledge Discovery to the next level

A revolution that goes beyond data centric models and reaches into the world of unstructured information. Our advanced algorithms and deep learning technologies extract knowledge from domain experts, documents (regardless of format) and data silos. This knowledge is then transformed into actionable insights allowing for better decision making

what is Parabole structure

Over time the Knowledge Graph grows and matures to become a key information asset, capturing complex relationships between business domain & data assets


Bespoke capabilities that are used to solve domain heavy risk and compliance challenges

Data Search

Using Data Search business analysts may assimilate relevant data that sits across disparate sources without writing a single line of code

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Impact Analyzer

Provides a way to visually simulate “what if” scenarios and discover relationships between various business dimensions and related data objects in near real time

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Information Lineage

This tool allows business analysts to visualize and trace the path of a transaction or decision from the point of origin to point of settlement along with associated data across multiple dimensions

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Knowledge Manager

The knowledge manager captures the collective intelligence of the risk enterprise in a graph-like structure which is machine-readable, easily assessable and can be applied to solving mission-critical business problems

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